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How To Download And Install MySql Workbench

Date Created: 22 February 2021 Author: Saurabh M

To install MySQL Workbench, follow these steps:

Prerequisite - Xampp or Wamp Server

Check this blog to install XAMPP Server on Windows.

Step 1: Download Mysql Workbench from  and click on the download



Step 2: On the next page, click on "No thanks, just start my download".


Step 3: Once the download is complete, open the .exe file of Mysql Workbench and click on next to continue


Step 4: Keep Install Location as by default or change it, if you want.



Step 5: Choose the Setup type as Complete.



Step 6: Now click on Install.



Step 7: Then your installation will start and click on the finish after installation

Hence MySQL Workbench is successfully installed.


Running First SQL Query in MySQL Workbench

Step 1: Open the MySQL Workbench from the window search bar. It will look like this


Step 2: First Switch-On (Start) the Apache and Mysql from the xampp or wamp server.

Then Click on rescan servers. It will detect Mysql ( port - 3306 ) that are already started in the xampp or wamp server.


Step 3: After Scanning it will show the MySQL Connections.


Step 4: Then it will show a warning, click on Continue Anyway.


Step 5: Dashboard will be opened.

Open a query editor mark on the left side and write the first query to create a database such as “create database employees” and click on execute (power symbol)

It will create a database of employees.

If the output shows a green mark then it is executed successfully.

If it still not showing click on refresh, marked in an image.


Congratulation, You successfully execute your first SQL Query.